Hot Rio Nites (Heliconia CaribaeaXBihai cv Hot Rio Nites)

At a Glance

Marx Burle's garden?
down to 5 degree
Max Size
3 meters


Hot Rio Nites in flower
hot rio nites

Growing Conditions

Rich well drained soil. Will grow down to coastal Sydney in a protected microclimate

Flowering Season

year round flowering

Detailed Description

Some heliconias are great landscapers, some are great cut flower varieties Hot Rio Nites is both. It was originally found in the garden of famous landscape architect Roberto Marx Burle.
The plant habit is slender and upright, making it perfect around paths or mass planted. The powdery stems and cherry red flowers exude elegance and evoke tropical ambiance.
I can't say enough nice things about Hot Rio, everyone should be growing it.
It's also cold hardy and easy to grow and flowers dependably throughout the year. Recommended for novice growers, landscapers and landscape architects.

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