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Mary Anne Morrell

Location: SYDNEY     Age: 67
Many thanks for the great ginger plants I received from you. They looked in excellent condition. I am most impressed with this whole process and look forward to doing much more business with you.

Margaret D.

We are building a new house with obviously a new garden part of which is tropical plants. I have been growing the past orders from you in large pots and recently before the rains came I thought they needed to get out of their pots. So I planted them on the block and have watered with my tank water....it was a gamble as I was not sure how they would go in the hot dry weather we had in Bris at that time....but to my delights they did quite well. I used water crystals soaked in seasol solution when planting them in the hope that would keep them going with watering twice a week. Oh how they are growing now....new leaves and shoots and of course with all the rain from Oswald and the increased humidity they are just going so well. The garden is certainly taking shape quickly. So thank you for such healthy and vigorous plants I have tried other growers but your plants are just so much better.

Lorraine W.

Location: Victoria
Hi Scott & Ann, Order No. 2474 I received the plants a few minutes ago. I did not expect to see such healthy looking plants and it was such a pleasure to receive them in such good condition. It was greatly appreciated. I also used the tracking service link you sent me for Australia Post and so was up to date with the delivery information. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE WONDERFUL SERVICE. Wishing you all the very best. Lorraine

Janet Pope

Location: Maryborough     Age: 52
Thank you so much for the beautiful plants which arrived yesterday. They arrived very healthy and are more advanced than I expected :) Will definitely be ordering more in the near future!

Genevieve I.

Location: Queensland
Hello, just saying 'thankyou' - the plants arrived on Wednesday morning and I was able to plant them all yesterday afternoon. (Just before the rain started again!) Kind regards, Genevieve

Kevin A.

Location: Camperdown, NSW
Hello Thank you for the plants they arrived today in good condition, packing still moist thanks for the bonus plants on the ginger and pandan too yours sincerely Kevin Allman

Deb J.

Location: Parap, NT
Good evening El Arish I received my order today and I am very impressed with the size of the plants, packaging and overall condition the plants arrived in, thank you.

Mya C.

Location: Magnetic Island, Qld
ust thought I'd share my wonderful online experience shopping at El Arish Tropical Exotics. I placed my order for the whole range of Dieffenbachias that Ann had to sell. The prices were so cheap that I thought I'd get a small piece with roots and maybe a leaf....wrong....try a whole plant with lots of roots and leaves and so lush and healthy plus Ann put some extras in . Thankyou so much, no wonder everyone buys from you guys, real value for money and extremely fast postage and packed so well. I'm impressed, thanks again Ann and Scott, have a great break over Christmas

Cheryl G.

Location: nsw
Thank you El Arish Tropical Exotics for my order which I received last Saturday (17/11). I'm very happy with the quality and size of your plants. Many thanks Cheryl

Marilyn Chalmers

Location: Clear Mountain     Age: 62
The cordylines arrived in great condition and were all a very good size. I would recommend your store to anyone looking for healthy plants not commonly obtained elsewhere.

Diana S

Location: Syd
Hi, received my order Pandanus amaryllifolius this morning. Thank you for replying my email and quick delivery. Will put my best effort to keep them survive.

marina h. Horticulturist Lower Gardens

Location: Royal Botanic Gardens
Hi Ann,I just wanted to let you know that all the plants we bought from you last October are really starting to look good now.When I received them the stock looked exceptionally robust and healthy, I was impressed! We often leave them in our Nursery for 1 month quarantine, and I was keen to get them in the ground!. Our weather has been erratic and I was not quite sure how well they would adapt to the change. After planting, we later mulched and gave a light dose of Dynamic lifter, and then followed up with some GO-GO juice, along with some TLC. All of my babies are now looking very settled and happy in their new homes. I hope we can continue to improve the collection here at the RBG Sydney, and perhaps down the track, trial some tropical plants that have not yet been tried in this climate before. Hopefully this will inspire visitors to the gardens of the potential, in such plants and add a splash of colour to suburbia! Many thanks and wishing you a Happy New Year! Warm Regards

Michelle Dale

Location: Mossman     Age: 29
I have placed many orders with Scott & Ann over the past few years and every time they turn up I'm pleased with the plants that have been sent. They are always healthy and more advanced than I expected I would receive -- which is always a bonus! We are moving house again soon and I can't wait to start gardening properly again after a few months of not doing too much gardening at all... Will be ordering again soon :)

Rhonda S.

Location: Walkerston, Qld
Hi, I have received my cordylines this morning and am very pleasantly surprised by the size of them!!! Thank-you for the quality plants. Rhonda

Damian G.

Location: Paddington, Qld
Hey guys, we just ordered some plants off you and I have to say we are very impressed with the quality of the stock. One of the Calatheas has already new growth within 5 days of getting it. We ordered one of the Longissima so will let you know how we get on with it in Brisbane. Do you guys ever grow the Heliconica Indica Ruba? And do you know if it grows in Brisbane, I've heard varying reports about it's survival rate in the subtropics? Thanks for the great plants, will be ordering again. Cheers, Damian

Nick C.

Location: Cairns
Those misahuallis that you sent me a couple of months back are doing fabulously well and one is even flowering already. Poganantha's doing well too, as are green ices (also in flower). I'm furiously impressed by the wonderful quality of your plants. All the best, Nick

marina H.

Location: The Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney
Hi Ann, Dave tells me you spoke to Rosa regarding payment, and when to expect, Have to say, very happy with the plant material I received, I potted it the following Monday, that you posted. Marina.

Melissa G

Location: NSW     Age: 31
We purchased some plants about 10 months ago from El Arish & was impressed & very surprised by the quality & size of the plants we received. We potted them up & are now ready to transfer them to our garden, cant wait! I love the range of cardylines they offer, I'll be buying some more soon for sure!

Richard Williams

Location: Coogee, Sydney     Age: 46
So happy with the plants we got from El Arish (heliconias and cordylines). Despite being a complete novice, the plants have shot up and look absolutely fantastic. Neighbours always commented how great they look. Ann was always very patient and helpful with my (uninformed) questions. We recently moved house and have to start again, this time with a bigger garden. So we have been hanging out for spring to buy some more - obviously from El Arish.

Andrew Watson

Location: Townsville     Age: 49
Have nothing but praise for Scott and Ann and the plants purchased from them. We have moved house taking root stock of the plants purchased and ALL the plants are growing so fast. The knowledge Ann and Scott shared was very impressive. We would highly recommend Elarish Tropical Exotics to anyone that enjoys beautiful tropical plants. PS We had to move - we needed a bigger garden so we could get more plants from Ann and Scott.

janelle eastwood

Location: airlie beach     Age: 49
I have been buying heliconias and gingers from Scott and Ann now for many years, slowly changing my garden over to Tropical. I can't believe the growth and abundant flowers i am getting from 2 year old plants now- They are awesome, and despite the scrub turkeys having their favourite rhizomes - eden pink!!! and Collinsia they are very easy to grow in the whitsundays. Thank you for providing such healthy rhizomes, all the best with your rebuiling, we copped Cylone Ului the year before and everything was flattened too!! regards, Janelle

Shane B.

Location: GoldCoast
I have bought tropical plants from Ann and Scott on a few occasions and have been impressed with the quality, size and vigour of the stock, and by the service I have received. I now have quite a collection of heliconias and gingers and would have no hesitation in recommending El Arish Tropical Exotics to anyone looking for tropical plants. The plants I have bought have established easily and continue to grow vigorously. The move to a subtropical climate has not affected their vigour. So thanks Ann and Scott, keep up the good work! Shane, Gold Coast

scott edie

Location: queensland
Thank you Ann and Scott for the wonderful tropical plants that we purchased from you last summer. All of them were large and very healthy specimens and were delivered well packed and in beautiful condition ready for planting. The heliconias, aroids, cordylines and bromeliads in particular have really taken off here in Brisbane. We're really looking forward to next summer by which time we'll have a tropical jungle in our back yard, which is exactly what we've been aiming for. I'll certainly recommend El Arish to all of our friends who are now green with envy over how great our garden is looking. Can't wait to receive our new plants.

Sharon and Luke Mununggurr

Location: Nhulunbuy, NT
Absolutely fantastic!!!! Everything arrived to our home in the N.T and all are thriving !! Many thanks Sharon and Luke The Green Ants Nest

Dav Brigg

Location: Fraser Coast     Age: 39
Hi Ann, Just wanted to let you know the plants that I purchased from you last spring are powering along, just like all of the tropical’s have purchased from you over the past four or five years. It is that time of the year for me to place my annual order. However before I do I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of the advice, customer service and healthy plants that you have provided to me over the last four or five years. If anyone ever asks me where I purchase my heliconias and gingers from I always give them your website details and tell them to look no further as you have the best stock and prices around, not to mention the exceptional customer service. Love the new website by the way.

Gwenda Eleftheriou

Location: Traralgon, Victoria     Age: 43
I moved houses a year and a half ago and left behind a beautiful established tropical garden and many more gardens...so I had to start again...with 300 potted up plants(cottage and tropical)from my old house in hand, it wasnt long before we had dug new ground for another very large tropical garden and also a smaller one. I planted what I had then kept collecting lots more plants. I love a challenge and when local nurseries tell me I can't grow certain plants here in Vic I like to at least try!!! I had already grew lots of Bromeliads and other tropical plants but only ever had one Cordyline in a pot that was kept under cover and decided to plant it in the ground and then proceeded to buy many more from El Arish Tropical Exotics approx one year ago. I was very impressed with the size and quality of plants I received and to this day they are in the ground and not one of them has died! Yes I did cover them with shade cloth most of the winter nights and we have had a very wet cold winter he

Lauren and Gayle dibbens

Location: Weipa
Thankyou Scott and Ann for our plants, We have arrived back in Weipa and unpacked and potted everything. They look really great – there was sooo much stuff! Thankyou for the extras as well – much appreciated. Already been on your website again thinking about my next order – love the new look of the website by the way. Thanks again, Lauren and Gayle

susan kirk

Location: sunshine coast     Age: 25
When I moved to a two acre property on the Sunshine Coast hinterland I had plenty of room to finally indulge in planting a variety of ginger and heliconias. I love the stunning colours of these tropical flowers and they last for ages in the vase. After a fruitless trip to the nursery I realised that I would have to hunt further afield to find the plants I wanted. I happened upon Elarish Tropicals Exotics and placed my first order. As my garden design plans grew so did my orders with Scott&Ann. I'm never disappointed with their service or the quality of the plants. Plus, not a cliche, but they do genuinely care for their customers. Next project.....a bed of edible tropicals. Susan Kirk, Hinterland Herbs